APR-JUNE, 2018

TBEAEI (DT) have successfully passed 50,100,200,300kVA, 11/0.400kV, DYn11 all four-rating transformer first major order from INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - NEPAL (NEA) in short circuit Test and other type test at ERDA.

EMTP RV SYSTEM: TBEA EPC Engineering have recently procured EMTP RV to perform: Load Flow; HVDC Analysis; Switching Transients; Insulation Co-ordination; Network Analysis; Transient & Dynamic stability study; Ferro resonance; Protection Analysis; Series Compensation.

Hence now TBEA EPC Engineering have EMTP RV, SD Calc, SES Software (SESShield-3D, Auto grid, CDEGS), DIAlux. This will enhance our capabilities to analyse and study different parameter under various condition (Short-circuit, Transients, Fault Analyses, Stability, Protection, Grid design etc).

Hence this will bring TBEA EPC Engineering closer to the other competitors like ABB and Siemens. This can also help in TBEA to open up into consultancy services to many industrial customers who want proper most optimised solution before they establish substation.

Figure - A: EMTP RV Software (Snap of Secondary arc simulation for DMTCL project)
Figure - B: SES Shield 3D (Snap of Lighting protection model for KPTL GIS Substation)

TBEA has succefully booked orders for various projects in the Q2 2018. New Customers added is MPPGCL.

2x 500 MVA, 400 kV OLTC Less Transformer. These are the first-time ratings required by PGCIL.
3x 500 MVA, 400 kV ICT And 1 x 125 MVAr, 420 kV RCTR. These are two different Packages. It will be TBEAEI’s first time rating for KPTCL (Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.).
1x 125 MVAr, 420 kV Reactor. This is a break through order as this is the first-time rating for TBEA in MPPGCL.
6 x 80 MVAr, 765 kV Reactor from PGCIL.

GETCO has issued Appreciation letter towards successfully factory visits carried out by TBEA for 3 of their batches of Engineers as part of Induction Training. Each batch consist avg. 40 nos. of Engineers from various substations of GETCO.


It is a well acknowledged fact that recruitment of fresh graduates brings many benefits to the organization like:-fresh graduates can bring innovative ideas & fresh perspective the company that can be very beneficial to organization; they are in their learning phase, fast learners & enthusiastic which makes it easier to train them & become more aligned to organization’s values; they are ambitious & competitive and also acknowledge the importance of teamwork; they help in fueling the organization’s talent pipeline.

Owing to these benefits, we at TBEA also induct fresh talent every year. This year also we are pleased to welcome 2018 batch of 20 Graduate Engineering Trainees from Electrical, Mechanical & Civil streams, who have joined us on 1st June 2018. Currently they are undergoing a detailed classroom training which will cover in-depth presentation & overview of all departments, vendor & customer site visits, soft skill training programs namely “TBEA way of Excellence” & “Creating a lasting impression”, Book reviews & presentations.

We are very thankful to all the HODs & team members who have devoted their valuable time by supporting & successfully executing the GET Recruitment & for their continued support in delivering Training sessions as per the plan. On behalf of TBEA we welcome GET 2018 batch to the TBEA Family. Happy to share some glimpses of the welcome session & training.

We sincerely hope that this newsletter will not only be informative but also motivating. We will be continuously engaging ourselves in augmenting the contents as well the coverage. We will heartily welcome if you have any suggestion to abhirup.ghosh@tbeaindia.com

* Prepared, reviewed and edited by Abhirup Ghosh. An initiative of Corporate Affairs Department.