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The success of any business depends a lot on the extent of support, attention and encouragement by its top management. In this regard, TBEAEI has been blessed enough to receive continuous patronage from its immediate parent entity i.e. TBEA Shenyang and from the TBEA group overall.


Besides continuous nurturing from TBEA Shenyang through its Chairman Mr. Ma Xuping and his Team, TBEA group Chairman Mr. Zhang Xin also pays personal attention for the development of TBEAEI.


The last quarter of Indian financial year 2016-17 will definitely mark a memento for TBEAEI family with TBEA group Chairman Mr. Zhang Xin paying a visit to our Vadodara premises. In his visit to India that lasted about a week from March 4, 2017, Mr. Zhang Xin reviewed TBEAEI’s performance and expressed his confidence about TBEAEI’s potential achieve more success.


He also emphasized on the need for inter-personal integration for making TBEAEI a family outside home and underscored his vision to make TBEAEI a place where employees feel happy, safe and healthy.