New Energy Industry

TBEA is one of the pioneers in development and utilization of new energy sources in China. Our group devotes itself to promoting and applying photovoltaic solar industrialization. Taking resource advantage, of the rich coal and electricity, as well as light illumination to form an integrated and complete photovoltaic industry chain consisting of: "Quartz mine-hydropower station-coal and electricity-polycrystalline silicon-silicon rod-silicon chip-solar battery pack-solar photovoltaic power station system", Thereby achieving the cost advantage, core technology advantage of proprietary intellectual property rights, and marketing advantage of the global solar industrial supply chain.

Our products are involved with module type- high-power solar photovoltaic power station, 2kW-200kW controlling inverter, 10W-500W solar household system, power converter, solar street lamp, solar battery pack and solar silicon chip.

At present, more than 3000 off-seat solar power stations have been built up, and solved the drinking water and illumination problems for near one million people living in remote areas, not connected to grid or large power system. Undertaking integrated projects with solar photovoltaic and photo electricity as well as supplying power to buildings such as:

  • Beijing Olympic Games
  • Shanghai World Expo
  • Qinghai-Tibet Railway
  • Transmitting Gas from West to East
  • ENingxia Taiyangshan, Shanghai Rainbow-shaped Bridge
  • High Speed Rail


TBEA has been always taking the initiative of green manufacturing and bringing benefits to the public by which it is devoted to the development and innovation of renewable energy industry by manufacturing and supplying reliable, safe, high efficient and clean products.

TBEA has set up some 10 MW on-grid solar energy stations and owned the core technology products of 5kW-500kW solar energy charging inverting system. Solar energy lightening pumping system, cell battery components, and solar energy class silicon wafer etc.


TBEA is the core enterprise of China heavy equipment manufacturing industry and is an international general contractor for turn-key electric power projects.

Thermal Power

Thermal power is the main part of electric power development and the main method for many countries in the world to generate electric energy.

TBEA insists on independent innovation all the time and roundly participates in international thermal power industry.

The products have covered the field of medium voltage, high voltage and ultra high voltage and auxiliary products of subcritical, supercritical, ultra-supercritical, etc. are for thermal power unit.

The product technology has achieved world advanced level: supercritical 600MW thermal power unit, and auxiliary transformer for ultra-supercritical 1000MW large-scale thermal power project.

Main transformer of Turkey EREN supercritical coal-fired unit power station, auxiliary mainstream transformer of 600MW generator unit and generator unit transformer of 2x1050MW of Nantong Power Plant China, etc.