Instrument Transformer

  • Main products which voltage range covers 35KV ~ 765kV
  • Current Transformer (oil-immersed and SF6)
  • Voltage Transformer (Inductive and Capacitive)
  • Combined transformer

Main Supplier---TBEA KOČAR

  • Electrical Accessory Subsidiary is a core member of TBEA power transmission and transformation industry group.
  • The products can be designed according to the standards GB, IEC, AS, BS, ANSI and so as to meet the demand of different users.
  • 2011, 800kV OIP condenser bushing independently successfully put into operation in India CGL.

CVT-550 Capacitance voltage Transformer in running

VPU-550 inductive voltage transformer in running

AGU-252 current transformer in running

VAU-252 Combine transformer and AGU-252 current transformer running at BAI cheng of Jilin

AGU-550 Current Transformer running at Yibin super-high voltage Bureau in 2009

AGU-330 Current Transformer running at Yong Deng power station of Ganshu in 2009

Productions Showing on The International & Chiness Manufacturing Industry Expo.

VPU-245 Inductive voltage Transformer running at Manila of Philippines in 2010