Electrical Steel

  • We can provide Electrical Steel for nearly all types of transformer, generator and electric machine.
  • We can provide both coil and lamination to satisfy customer’s demand.
  • In 2012, WISCO authorizes us as their sole distributor of electrical steel in Indian market for 20 years.

Main Supplier---WISCO

  • Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd is established in 1955, with production capacity ranks 4th among the iron and steel industry in the world.
  • In 1974, WISCO introduced production technology from Nippon Steel, start its business for CRGO. The production capacity of CRGO is 425,000 MT (HiB 172,000 MT ) per year in 2011, and will reach 440,000 MT ( HiB 280,000 MT) per year in 2015.
  • Main products: Conventional Go electrical steel, HiB electrical steel, Laser Scribing HiB electrical steel.
  • WISCO products meet the requirements of some transnational enterprises such as ABB, ALSTOM, SIEMENS and its quality system pass the identification of the second party.

Grain-oriented Silicon Steel

Iteam Grade
CGO 23Q110, 27Q120, 27Q130, 30Q120, 30Q130, 35Q145, 35Q155
HiB 23QG090, 23QG095, 23QG100, 27QG095, 27QG100, 27QG120, 30QG105, 30QG120,
Laser Scribing HiB 23RK085, 23RK090, 23RK095, 27RK090, 27RK095, 27RK100, 27RK120, 30RK100, 30RK105, 30RK120.