Cable & Wire

  • TBEA have the largest R&D and export base of HV, EHV XLPE cables, special cables, large cross-section diameter-extention conductors & bus bar and cable accessories in China.
  • The products have been widely applied in national major programmers and key projects, such as Three Gorges Project, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and UHV AC and DC transmission project The products and services have been already exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria and Hong Kong, etc.
  • The factory has newly built a 180-meter VCV tower, the highest in the world, equipped with six imported and the world's most advanced and automatic 750kV, 500kV and 220kV EHV VCV production lines, which is a major breakthrough of EHV, HV XLPE integrated technology development history in the world.
  • Meanwhile, the highest voltage class and the largest cross-section power cable, at present in China or world wide, i.e. 500kV- 3500mm2 XLPE cable has been officially produced, which indicates a new breakthrough of localized major equipments.

HV&EHV Six Production Line (220kV-750kV)

High voltage workshop

Testing Hall (750kV series resonant system)

500kV EHV XLPE cable

Intelligent optical fiber temperature - measuring

Level 1E k1 type cable for nuclear power station

Segmental aluminum conductor HV XLPE cable