Product covers various voltage from 72.5kV to 800kV:

  • Oil- impregnated paper capacitor type transformer bushing up to 800kV, ±400kV, ±500kV oil-gas DC bushing.
  • ±500kV oil-impregnated paper DC bushing.
  • Resin-impregnated paper condenser transformer bushing.
  • ±186kV, ±400kV oil-gas DC bushing resin-impregnated paper DC bushing.

Main Supplier---Electrical Accessory Subsidiary of TBEA

  • Electrical Accessory Subsidiary is a core member of TBEA power transmission and transformation industry group.
  • The products can be designed according to the standards GB, IEC, AS, BS, ANSI and so as to meet the demand of different users.
  • 2011, 800kV OIP condenser bushing independently successfully put into operation in India CGL.

40.5kV and 72.5kV bushing in Mohe substaion

252kV bushing in tongjiang substation

550kV bushing in Bayantuohai substation

800kV bushing in India