Advanced Material Industry

TBEA has a history of 58 years of advanced material industry. It is the largest high purity aluminum enterprise in the world and one of the largest electronic aluminum foil R&D enterprises in China.

Relying on the advantage of rich coal and electricity resources in Xinjiang, TBEA Group has set up, Electronic Advanced Material Industrial chain with high added value and has become leading enterprise in the field of Electronic aluminum foil, and Electrode foil and source of high purity aluminum, in China. The products are widely used in aviation, space flight and electronic industry. The products have been sold to many nations and regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe and so on. This group is military related enterprise.

New Material Industrial Chain

The new material industry is a key industry for guaranteeing the national security and enhancing state competitive ability, and it is also the foundation industry for the industrial technology innovation and the manufacture structure upgrade.

TBEA has already converted the abundant coal-electric power resource into the global competitive high-tech products. TBEA has owned a complete set of industrial chain with conversion and cycling utilization of advantage natural resource, by which coal-electricity can be transformed into High Purity Aluminum, Electronic Aluminum Foil, and Electric Pole Foil.