AC Grid

  • UHV technology plays an important role in enhancing the whole technical level and general competition strength of electric power industry all over the world, and has important singnificance on more widly optimizing resource deployment, pushing forward the effective development and unilization of energy sources and promoting susatainable development of economic society.
  • TBEA is focus on the independent innovation system giving priority to delvelop ultra high voltage product and has undertaken a series of top product development tasks in the construction of AC grid, such as world first 1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen China UHV AC test project.
  • According to measurement and calculation, the natural transmission power of 1000kV AC line is about 5 times of that of 500kV line, and the resistance loss of 1000kV AC line is 1/4 of that of 500kV line, the corridor width of unit transmission capacity is 1/3 of that of 500kV line, and integrated cost of unit transmission capacity is less than3/4 of that of 500kV line.

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The Comparison for Main performance parameters of 1000kV UHV Transformer

Items (main transformer) Measured value Guaranteed value Better than guaranteed value
No load losses P0(kW) 179.28 220 23%
No load current I0(%) 0.074 0.078 6%
Load losses Pk(kW) HV-MV 1537.50 1800 17%
MV-LV 496.40 586 18%
HV-LV 507.03 598 18%
PD level at ACSD test HV 35 100 186%
MV 35 200 471%
LV 41 300 632%
PD level at ACLD test HV 20 100 400%
MV 30 200 567%
LV 20 300 1400%
Temperature rise Top oil 25.0 55 120%
HV 44.5 65 48%
MV 53.2 65 23%
LV 46.9 65 41%
Tank 40.0 80 100%